Do you have possessions "Too Nice" to give away, but you can not make use of it, or no longer have room for it?  We have a solution for you! 


Consider investing in your community by contributing such items to our Community Care On-Line Auction.  Home Suite Home Transitions has partnered with Community Care Peterborough to compile and catalog items to be sold through an On-Line auction with all profits going back into the Peterborough Community through CC initiatives.  

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Knowing I can Count On HSHT team...

Hi Patti

It was so good working with Julie.  I feel better knowing I can count on your team when the time comes to move on.  It makes it easier to start to decide where to move on to.

Thank You!



Winner in the 2013 Business Excellence Awards

(Micro Business category)

current trans 6


The cats were helping with sorting!