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Your ability to multitask and juggle your schedule is commendable.

At the end of your professional work day, it is time to relax, not worry about a pending move.



Home Suite Home Transitions will talk with you to determine what needs to be done.

And like you at work, we make it happen, taking care of every last detail, on time.

Straight forward, reliable and stress-free services so you can focus on other issues.

Read comments from other professionals who have moved with us.


It Was Time ... to STOP worrying myself to Death

It was time.  I was worrying myself to death but didn’t know how to get passed it.  I felt totally overwhelmed with the very idea of moving – but health concerns forced the issue.  Downsizing to fit into a smaller retirement residence? Impossible!! It seemed too mammoth of a task for one person. When I met with Home Suite Home Transitions, Patti, I immediately felt relieved, thankful, and fortunate that this great service was available in Peterborough! 

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Winner in the 2013 Business Excellence Awards

(Micro Business category)

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The cats were helping with sorting!