Patti goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are treated with dignity and respect. The stress of downsizing is substantial and impacts the elderly client as well as friends and family. Patti does a superb job at ...

balancing the needs of the client while listening and supporting the needs of the family. Being open and transparent to all is a key feature as is making sure the sorting and packing program meets the client's energy level so they are not overwhelmed. Other supportive services are also available including; assisting with new location searches, termination of utilities, address change support, setting up new utilities and disposal of unwanted items. Patti is a women of integrity and this shows in her customer service, ability to mold the service needed to the client's needs, and her sensitivity when it comes to making hard choices about a lifetime collection of belongings.  N Schwindt


Happy Hard Working Staff

It is just like it says on the website.  You guys are a happy team that have a lot of fun, but also put your heads down and WORK! And you worked a MIRACLE in one day!  I am so thankful we hired you!  J Kelly 2017

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Winner in the 2013 Business Excellence Awards

(Micro Business category)

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The cats were helping with sorting!