As of August 2020, we have started providing our full complement of services again. We have reinforced our existing safety measures to ensure everyones protection to the best of our ability. 


While some measures may result in additional steps throughout the day, such as entering a retirement community, I am proud of how Canadians have stepped up and are keeping this pandemic from spreading.     I encourage everyone to continue to be respectful of these steps - even when they may seem extreme, they are in place for the right reasons.


As of July 2020, we began working in situations where our clients had already moved into their chosen retirement/LTC location and we were working in their empty home.  Therefore there was no threat to our clients. 


In mid April 2020, the statement Stay Home, Stay Safe is what I had told staff.  And that is what I had recommended to everyone who could manage to stay home.  I applaud our front line workers - and as much Home Sweet HomeSMALL
as I would like HSHT to be considered an essential service, I am also grateful that we were not.  I was able to avoid the stresses, avoid the risk of transporting or transferring any threats to my family, or my clients. 





Home Suite Home Transitions Testimonial


The things we thought our daughters would like was not what they chose themselves.  We are grateful for the time, patience and expertise from HSHT staff in developing our “photo inventory” from which family selected items.

Frances B Feb 2019