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“Overwhelmed”, “stressed”, and “unable to sleep” are common concerns Patti Priestman hears when she meets her elder clients. Seniors and their adult children contact, Home Suite Home Transitions, looking for help to downsize and move. By the time Priestman and her team leave a newly transitioned senior, she is proud of comments like, “HSHT answered my prayers”, “provided total piece of mind”, “came to my rescue”.
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Home Suite Home Transitions was developed to ease the challenges an elder person experiences when needing to move from a (larger) family home to a smaller setting. It can be an emotional roller coaster of giving up possessions in order to safely `fit` into a smaller living arrangement. Seniors are not always physically, or emotionally able to face the tremendous workload involved. Yet proudly independent, seniors don’t want to burden their children with the task of helping, particularly when adult children may live too far away or already be overwhelmed with their own career or family obligations. No matter how it is phrased, Priestman hears that, “Everything involves family memories and treasures. How can I possibly sort through them? Where do I start?”

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DYI Determined to Downsize Step 3


The Set Up


Over your set timeframe -let`s say 2 weeks - you want to tackle your project area. 


There are a few key processes that will help keep you on track. Follow these 6 steps to stay organized, and on track for success. 




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DYI Determined to Downsize Step 4


Keep Your Eyes On The Prize: Space!


At the end of your 2 weeks of sorting and decluttering you will have more space.   

Functional space.  Success!!!

Enjoy your relaxing space!

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      Before Decluttering Sewing room                 After Decluttering ("I forgot I had this lovely cedar chest!")


LR clutter 1 LR clutter 1A

        Before Decluttering LR                                 After Decluttering LR











Chaos Ahead!  

Step 2 Determined To Downsize  


Now that you have set your mind to accomplishing the (seemingly dirty deed) of downsizing, where do you start?  Be prepared to make your project area chaotic.  In order to reduce your clutter, downsize prized possessions and free up space, you need to be able to see what you have.


img decluttering1Whether you are determined to downsize your entire home as one project (my preference), or whether you choose smaller chunks such as a linen closet, a Bedroom, or the attic, the process is virtually the same. You can supplant your existing project area in to the following description of the entire home.  Time to prepare for organized chaos! Set up will have to be adjusted to make room for you to display your “attic finds”, or your “well organized, previously-loved-but-now squirrel away hobbies”.  Remember to review why you are doing this work, revisit your mindset (structured in step 1 of this series).  Think of the end result – of a new repurposed bedroom to a craft room, or a storage of everything and anything attic (aka who knows what is up there!) to a functional storage area that freed up other storage in your entrance closet for example, or other areas of your home. 

Ready for your personal Chaos? Follow Step 3 and Let the work begin! At times items will be sentimental, triggering happy and sad memories but that is OK!  Bask in the moment then make a decision (based on Step 3: search on our next post:
DYI Downsizing) and keep moving toward your ultimate goal.

It starts with the right Mind Set.

img sewingrmbefore Downsizing and decluttering are …. Unpleasant words. Like closing up the cottage – it is not a happy time. While avoiding either situation may not result in unwanted consequences, I would not recommend taking the risk. Waiting may result in an accident that could have been avoided. So why do many of us take the risk and procrastinate against downsizing? I believe many people attempt to reduce, sell or donate items but quickly get bogged down. Feeling discouraged, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere is discouraging, even depressing. There is a solution.

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Happy Birthday to The Sandwich Generation


Part 1:  The Sandwich Generation label has nothing to do with food, and everything to do with being stuck firmly between an older and younger generation of family members. This 5 part series may assist with ways to reduce stress while helping your elder parent(s). 

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Where To Begin?

Oct 1, 2018.  Dear Patti and Staff:

When we first contacted you we were impressed with what you could do! Moving from our house, after 20 years, to a three room apartment left us wondering where to begin. All our questions were answered promptly and your advice most helpful. You and your staff were cheerful and efficient which we appreciated.

The on-line auction for unwanted items, the pick-up of sold items, helping with our packing, disposal of unwanted [left overs] plus the wonderful clean-up of our home after we moved was AWESOME.

We can recommend your services to anyone with confidence!

Thanks Again, S&B Cawte.