DYI Determined to Downsize Step 4


Keep Your Eyes On The Prize: Space!


At the end of your 2 weeks of sorting and decluttering you will have more space.   

Functional space.  Success!!!

Enjoy your relaxing space!

 img sewingrmbeforeima sewingrmafter

      Before Decluttering Sewing room                 After Decluttering ("I forgot I had this lovely cedar chest!")


LR clutter 1 LR clutter 1A

        Before Decluttering LR                                 After Decluttering LR












With Admiration for What [HSHT] Staff Do

June  2018  Dear Patti

Knowing how to disperse my belongings was a major help to me -- from organizing the on-line auction...

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Winner in the 2013 Business Excellence Awards

(Micro Business category)

current trans 6


The cats were helping with sorting!