Home Suite Home Transitions was developed to ease the challenges an elder person experiences when needing to move from a (larger) family home to a smaller setting. It can be an emotional roller coaster of giving up possessions in order to safely `fit` into a smaller living arrangement. Seniors are not always physically, or emotionally able to face the tremendous workload involved. Yet proudly independent, seniors don't want to burden their children with the task of helping, particularly when adult children may live too far away or already be overwhelmed with their own career or family obligations.

No matter how it is phrased, Priestman hears that, Everything involves family memories and treasures. How can I possibly sort through them? Where do I start? Susan Eastwood of Creemore, says I have a business, and it would have been difficult to give my Mom enough assistance in downsizing her home of 28 years. I was thrilled when she told me she had found Home Suite Home Transitions. HSHT`s staff were patient and respectful, resulting in a smooth and efficient transition for her mother. Mom actually enjoyed working with Patti and her team. She was proud of her new apartment. On move day, Priestman requests her client enjoy a day away and leave the stresses to her team. By the end of move day, the new home will be unpacked , boxes and packing material gone. We capture the heart of the larger home, and carry that familiarity into the new residence. Eastwood said , It was nice to feel immediately at home.

Transitions, depending on the work involved, can also open the door to difficult family dynamics. Priestman says, I would rather have Mom upset with me when her choices are difficult, than upset with her family! That way, family will still be speaking to each other at the end of the day! Each situation is unique, although the process can be streamlined with experience at the helm. Priestman believes later in life home transitions are so much more involved than simply moving. If downsizing must be part of your life, then it should be an enjoyable, well planned journey, not just something to be endured.

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Written by Shari Davis, PR Marketing Manager with HSHT.


Delighting Seniors in Eastern Ontario

An opportunity presented itself to move closer to family. The HSHT staff had moved us before, so it was an easy decision to jump on this chance -- despite it being less than 2 weeks before Christmas!! We relaxed while they packed and looked after everything!

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