The Set Up


    Over your set timeframe -let`s say 2 weeks - you want to tackle your project area. 


    There are a few key processes that will help keep you on track. Follow these 6 steps to stay organized, and on track for success. 




    img marker

  1. Have the following supplies handy: Green painters tape, marker, some boxes, blank paper. 
  2. img green tapeShift furniture out of the work area so that you have some space to work in. Free up surfaces by pushing  contents to the side (they will get sorted soon.)
  3. Tape the following signs to the wall with sufficient space between the signs to allow items to be compiled. Trash, Keep, Donate/Out, Sell, Undecided.
  4. Now Tape your intended completion date (day, date, month)  at the project area!
  5. Next step is to Compile Items. This is the meat of the project!  Most people get bogged down and just shift items around.  In order to prevent that let`s revisit the Mindset and flesh out options for choosing where to send items.  Remind yourself WHY you are putting yourself through this chore (what your new plan is for the space).  Investigate: where items can be appreciated when donated (such as Shelters, Missions, Immigrant families, churches), manageable methods to sell quality items and to recognise which items are best trashed.  See our post “The Devil on Your Shoulder” for help in decision making reasons to reduce/downsize and declutter.
  6. Begin removing items from the project area, and put them into one of the five areas.  I recommend only handling items Once at this stage! Remember you want to reduce/downsize. Only the truly loved, important items, in good condition will go into the Keep pile.  


You will be done before you know it, and enjoying your new found space, without the weight on your shoulders!



Professionally and Kindly Executed

Dear Patti and Crew

Many, many thanks for executing Connie’s move so professionally and kindly. Yours is a wonderful service to seniors! V Swinton Nov 2018