Would like to thank Patti and her team for a job well done. We hired Patti for a job that was completed promptly/efficiently and professionally. Highly recommend using Patti and her team.
Dec 2021  Darrell Junkin Craftworks at the barn
Patti was amazing to deal with. We were faced with a very difficult time losing our dad . We had to sell our parents home and move our mother to a retirement home 5 hrs from where they lived. Patti helped with every aspect of this process. With helping us go through everything and decide what to take, to setting up and auction for the remainder of items, to doing dump runs and helping find movers. It made a very sad and stressful time so much easier and took a lot of burden off our plates. We honestly don’t know how we would of accomplished all this without her help . Especially living 5hrs away. Thank you again Patti
Nov 2021 Tanya & Greg
When my stepfather passed suddenly and my Mom was hospitalized and then moved to respite and finally a retirement residence close to me, I was left with the overwhelming daunting task of what to do with their home, how to go about decluttering and getting it ready for sale. They had resided there for close to 35 years and the home was full of so many memories and items well loved and well collected. With also being a two hour commute from their home and the only 1 of 6 children helping, the task seemed insurmountable. A great big thank you and shout out to Patti and her team for such an amazing job. From first contact to the finish of the job Patti and her team were nothing short of lifesavers. Patti was in communication most of the day they were packing up the house and her guidance on what to do with all the "stuff" was so helpful as it was too emotional a process for me to do on behalf of my Mom for fear I would do it wrong. I am so very grateful and words cannot express my deepest gratitude to its fullest extent. Last but not least my stepfather's wedding ring which my Mom was worried about and I had no idea where it could be was located by Patti's team in a shoe. They are angels sent to help in such a time of need. Such a valuable service that you do not know you need until you need it. 
Jan 2022 T McAllister
Patti and her team have been incredible during a difficult time of down sizing our parents’ home. A number of rooms were packed to the brim, and HSHT team went through it all with patience and care, finding many forgotten items and setting aside memorabilia for us. If you are searching for a professional, dependable and caring company to help with sorting and packing up - I would highly recommend you contact Patti! 
March 2022 G. Zobel
Home Suite Home did an amazing job. I highly recommend Patti and her Company to anyone who has a requirement for their services. They are a pleasure to work with and they were very responsive to our requests and needs.
Feb 2022 G. Pass

March 2022, Patti
Thank you so much! Your service is impeccable ...

Should all adventures be so smooth, pleasant and well packed !

V. Banner

Peter and I are more than happy to state how very pleased we were with you and your staff when you handled our move from our house in Apsley to our new retirement residence. The speed and efficiency in packing up and disposing of our 30 years of accumulated “stuff” and then unpacking and setting up in our new smaller space was outstanding.  I didn't think it could be done!

We would happily recommend your services to anyone contemplating a similar move.

Peter and Maureen Rohe, 2021

We were delighted with the service that Patti Priestman and her team at Home Suite Home Transitions provided. We had an estate property in Ontario that we needed to prepare for sale. This was very difficult because we are in British Columbia, and could not travel to Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patti and her team jumped in and provided skilled and experienced service. They secured the home, sorted and inventoried the contents, and sent us photographs so we could decide what to do with them. They made arrangements to send some of the contents to us in BC, sell others through an online auction, and donate or dispose of the remainder. They also helped deal with the realtor, organized the cleaners, and looked after all the other details that needed to be taken care of.

Throughout this process, Patti and her team were incredibly responsive, professional and efficient. Patti also dealt very compassionately with our family member who was transitioning to a retirement facility. We could not have been more pleased with the service. Many thanks Patti!

Colin Gibson 2021.

Patti and her crew have an excellent organizational strategy which helped me greatly through a rough stretch that included a move that I found overwhelming and difficult. They helped me look at my things from different perspectives and once I arrived at the categories that mattered to me they efficiently got things put together for my ease of use and found homes for the things it was time for me to let go of.

I would certainly recommend Home Suite Home Transitions and will be happy to use them again myself.

S Hay 2020.

My mother and I had a very positive experience with Home Suite Home Transitions. A herculean task, we were moving my mother from a 3 bedroom home where she had lived for over 40 years to a 2 room suite. Patti and her team knew exactly what to do....

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Patti and her team at Home Suite Home Transitions are absolute professionals and absolute life savers! During a difficult time in which we had to downsize and move our parents out of their long time home due to sudden medical reasons.  Patti and her team made the move and downsizing manageable and pleasant. All the details were handled with care, discretion and sensitivity and turned what at first seemed like a daunting task into a manageable and well handled move.

Honestly I don't know what we would of done without Patti and her team at Home Suite Home Transitions! Thank you!

Sonja Anderson and Tracey Wood, Mar 2021

I frequently think of Patti and her team at HSHT and wonder how I would have ever been able to make the move from our home of 30 years to a much smaller condo, without her! HSHT helped us orchestrate the move from start to finish with expertise, efficiency, caring, respect and an amazing calmness... qualities that are seldom all found in a business.  They helped to prepare our house for sale, managed a very successful online auction and packed and unpacked.  What a marvel to arrive at our new home to find ...

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These phenominal women .... When our real estate agent suggested Home Suite Home Transitions I was ready for any kind of help.  Anything was better than going in circles and worrying about getting nowhere!  I had no idea of what to do.  Patti broke everything down to me and made it all happen with ease and affordably.  She gave me things I could do on my own - and gave help when I needed it. 

When these phenominal women came to take away donations.  I have never seen people work so fast and efficiently!  This old lady was totally gob smacked!  I can not say enough about how pleased I was.  I just can not believe at my age their work ethics!   Being a senior and I think for many other seniors this company has to be considered an A+. 

Do yourself a favor and call them!

J Renaud Jan 2020

-we were happy to rehome your beautiful donations back into our community.  We delivered many of your quality items to people moving from a local Youth Shelter into an apartment.  Other items went directly into a local womens shelter, and habitat for humanity.  Your prestine hardcover books were welcomed by the library.


Delighting Seniors in Eastern Ontario

You couldn`t make this service any better. Period!...

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