May 2018: A friend of my mom’s had used your [HSHT] and recommended we call.  My mom and I met with
Patti, who explained everything HSHT had to offer, including how the online
auction would work.  The two most helpful services to us were ...

the sorting/organizing of items to be either donated or sold and the management of the online auction
process.  My brother and I live out of town, while we were willing and able to help
Mom sort through any personal or what we considered valuable items, we also organized moving large furniture that was destined for our homes.

So our focus with HSHT was on organizing and selling the remaining items. We relied on their expertise to group items together, to take the photos, to upload them to the auction site and supervise the pickup of sold items. They remained in touch with us throughout the process
and put up with our many changes of heart about items to keep along the way!

Patti was also helpful in referring us to other service providers, such as cleaners, painters and real estate agents. Staff were professional, reliable and accountable with no unexpected surprises!

The outcome exceeded our expectations!  The cost was reasonable. Patti had said in almost every case the proceeds from the auction more than cover the cost of their services. Happily, this was our situation. 

We recommend this service, and in fact, I have already mentioned it to several people, including a friend who is a real estate agent.

Best Wishes

D Flavelle


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