IMG 1202 1This story began with John and I attending a senior's show.  While we were there, a seminar was ofered which caught our attention.  It was all about De-cluttering and downsizing.    "Yup - Someday we may need something like that.  But not right now, we're not ready yet!"  It was an interesting session, given by Patti, of "Home Suite Home".  We liked her and her ideas, but still not ready yet...  We kept her card, just in case... 

A few weeks later, at the request of our children, we checked out some senior residences.  Again, "just in case", because we still weren't ready. Some residences did tweak some interest - we weren't seriously considering, --- were we?? Other "just in case" and "we aren't ready yet" people had put their names on waiting lists.  You know, Just In Case!! As the next chapter of our lives unravelled, we suddenly became very grateful to be on that list --reality and health issues were ...

suddenly screaming out We are READY!  And we were suddenly overwhelmed with things that needed to be done.   

Our smartest next step was Patti was contacted. What a stress reliever she and her team became!  She outlined exactly what we could expect, step by step.  She assured us that this move could happen within a very short time frame, if we chose, and with very little stress.  We were ready to list the house and face the process.  The house sold very quickly and knowing Patti's team was with us, we could accept a very quick closing. Patti and her team were soon at our house, cataloging every item.  Green tape was on most things, identifying whether we were keeping, selling donating or trash -- our choice for everything - I could even change my mind! No pressure!  (even though they would sometimes point out how something perhaps should not make the move with us due to space or safety considerations.) Keep or sell items were precisely measureed, photos were taken. 

While the staff were busy packing or cataloging, Patti, (armed with pictures and measurements) visited our new apartment to ensure an accurate floor plan.  This way we were absolutely sure of what would fit.   Each team member had their unique special qualities and skills. 


Organizing was amazing - The Home Suite Home Crew by now had become like family - a pleasure to have around.  Dedicated, Tireless workers.  Their cheerfulness and happy attitudes were contagious.  They guided us through what could have been a very stressful time.  Precise attention was spent on preparing for the on-line auction, where all our SELL items would go.  Things proceeded very smoothly, according to the plan - and now we were ready for the auction to begin.  The auction lasted 10 days.  Immediately beore the auction closed, our packing became very intense, personal itemswere left available until the last minute but not-so necessary items were pack a day or two before our move.  Moving day arrived, and thanks to these Home Suite Home girls, a few hours later, we were relaxing in our livingroom all unpacked! Even the bed was made! IMG 1231

But that was not the end of the story.  Our successful bidders had not yet come to claim their items.  That was scheduled for a day after our move.  The pick up too, was facilitated by the Home Suite Home crew.  We did not even have to be there.  It was incredible.  The house was entirely emptied out, ready for the new owners.  The plan had unfolded just as Patti had said it would. 

We couldn't have been happier!  Thank you Patti! 

John and Marilyn Thomas, Oct 2019.

-John and Marilyn we are so happy for you -- it was our pleasure to spend time with you!  Best Wishes! 



Review of Home Suite Home Transitions

Dear Patti and transitioning team.

Once the house sold, I remember looking around my home, shaking my head wondering how I would ever be ready to move and keep my sanity.

Thank Goodness my daughter suggested Home Suite Home.

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