What a lucky day it was for me, when I found [HSHT]...



I had sold my home and was just beginning to think of all the work that was ahead of me in organizing my move.  When I read your folder, I was indeed interested.  After meeting you, I knew your organization skills were just what I needed.  

img eastwd sortingPatti, I really don`t know how I could have done this without you and your wonderful staff. ... my family are all out of town...you helped me make serious decisions regarding downsizing to a small apartment..., you not only organized my move here in Peterborough, but also packed articles for the Movers to take to my family.

DSCN1473All done with care, consideration and always a good laugh.



On moving day, you made sure the Movers took all the right articles ...unpacked and placed everything as close as possible to where it was in my home.  Thank you Ladies, for a job well done. I will certainlyrecommend you to any of my friends contemplating a move. In fact I have already given out several of your business cards.ML Eastwood, Ptbo


Home Suite Home Transitions Testimonial

A woman at Royal Gardens spoke highly of Home Suite Home Transitions.  So I gave them a call. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to take care of everything!   

I was afraid that I would feel too emotional returning to the house, but actually, I was relieved. It didnt look like my home anymore -- but my new apartment at Royal Gardens did! I am glad I followed Patti's advice and moved first [before dealing with the rest of the possessions]. I was able to start detaching myself, and that process has continued.  This made it easier to let go of my stuff.

After HSHT sold my possessions, they cleaned everything out of the condo.  It was thoroughly cleared.  Amazing!

Why go through the hassles alone?  I will recommend you to others.  Thank you.

M Beesley April 2019.