The following is a testimonial from Ken after we helped his Mom who was living alone, in the country.  Her children were geographically unavailable, when he called HSHT.  I could not be happier with the care and concern ... the staff at Home Suite Home Transitions dealt with my mother's recent move.  
This process was more than a difficult situation given the logistics of her living in Kawartha Lakes region and I reside in Denver Colorado.  Mom had been in her home for 57 years and was moving to a 600 square foot senior home.  The HSHT staff were remarkable at creating a model of mom's new floor plan and sorting through all her possessions and getting those she needed or treasured vs those she owned.  From my first phone call to Patti to discuss the transition and move, till Gisele had unpacked all her belongings in mom's new residence the communication of process was excellent.  
I recommend Home Suite Home Transitions for any assignment to help transition a parent, relative or friend to their next home.  If readers would like further detail, I`d be happy to elaborate!"  (Just contact us and we can get you Ken`s phone number.)
Ken, March 2016



Home Suite Home Transitions Customer Review

It was time. I was worrying myself to death but didn’t know how to get passed it.  I felt totally overwhelmed with the very idea of moving – but health concerns forced the issue.  Downsizing to fit into a smaller retirement residence? Impossible!! It seemed too mammoth of a task for one person. When I met with Home Suite Home Transitions, Patti, I immediately felt relieved, thankful, and fortunate that this great service was available in Peterborough! 

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