I was completely exhausted trying to do everything on my own for moving.

Having HSHTs help made ALL the difference!  My worries just disappeared in our fast, efficient and fun atmosphere. It was nice to laugh during such stress!

Bless you. Now I enjoy my Peterborough apartment.

C Haggart

small aWilliams

Making a move can be challenging at the best of times moving across the country

-from a farm to a house

-while running a business and

-with two toddlers –

well that is something else!!


I knew I was going to rely on a moving company– however stumbling upon Home Suite Home Transitions was more than a blessing, –it was life changing.

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Life Savers!
When my stepfather passed suddenly and my Mom was hospitalized and then moved to respite and finally a retirement residence close to me, I was left with the overwhelming daunting task of what to do with their home, how to go about decluttering and getting it ready for sale. They had resided there for close to 35 years and the home was full of so many memories and items well loved and well collected. With also being a two hour commute from their home and the only 1 of 6 children helping, the task seemed insurmountable. A great big thank you and shout out to Patti and her team for such an amazing job. From first contact to the finish of the job Patti and her team were nothing short of lifesavers. Patti was in communication most of the day they were packing up the house and her guidance on what to do with all the "stuff" was so helpful as it was too emotional a process for me to do on behalf of my Mom for fear I would do it wrong. I am so very grateful and words cannot express my deepest gratitude to its fullest extent. Last but not least my stepfather's wedding ring which my Mom was worried about and I had no idea where it could be was located by Patti's team in a shoe. They are angels sent to help in such a time of need. Such a valuable service that you do not know you need until you need it. 
Jan 2022 T McAllister